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Karl-Erik Norrman

Secretary General of the European Cultural

Parliament What is Good?, p. 7


Federica Basaglia

Some Considerations on the Notion of Evil in Kant’s Moral Philosophy, p. 17

Carla Canullo

The Translation of the Good, p. 28

Francesco Paolo Ciglia

Good and Sense. A Phenomenological-Existential Approach, p. 38

Dominic Farrell

Theism and the Wisdom of Virtue Ethics, p. 47

Riccardo Fedriga – Roberto Limonta

What is Good for the Akratic Man? Weakness of Will and Incontinentia in Aquinas’s Theology, p. 60

Silvia Ferrari – Verbena Giambastiani – Valeria Ferraretto

G(o)od after Auschwitz. A Three-Folded Re ection in the Post WW II Philosophy, p. 76

Lo Ping Cheung

Confucian Moral Philosophy of Personhood vis-à-vis American Moral Philosophy, p. 90

Roger Pouivet

Moral and Epistemic Goods, p. 113

Jacob Dahl Rendtorff

Basic Ethical Principles for Democracy in Europe, p. 125

Josef Seifert

Is Moral Goodness the Supreme Good?, p. 135

Markus Stepanians

Rights and the Good: What is Just for Individuals, p. 156