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by Andrea Aguti

Pages 7-8.


Marco Damonte

Anscombe and the History of Philosophy: the Aristotle Case.

Pages 9-26.

James G. Hanink

The Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence.

Pages 27-43.

John Haldane

Anscombe, Philosophical Method, and the Metaphysics of Thought.

Pages 45-75.

Juan A. Mercado

Intention and the Construction of Society.
Carrying Forward Anscombe’s Rediscovery of Moral Intentionality.

Pages 76-95.

Cyrille Michon

Absolute Prohibitions.

Pages 97-111.

Giacomo Samek Lodovici

The Insufficiency of Social Collaboration’s Rule and the Need for Virtues. Starting from Anscombe.

Pages 113-127.

Michael Slote

Elizabeth Anscombe Is More Important than We Have Realized.

Pages 129-133.

Jacob Sparks

Anscombe’s Relative Bruteness.

Pages 135-145.



Giuseppe Colonna

The Category of “Quando” in the Liber Sex Principiorum.

Pages 149-159.

Paolo Di Sia

On Philosophy of Mind, Quantum Physics and Metaphysics of the Uni-multiverse.

Pages 161-174.