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by Andrea Aguti


Marco Damonte

Anscombe and the History of Philosophy: the Aristotle Case

James G. Hanink

The Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence

John Haldane

Anscombe, Philosophical Method, and the Metaphysics of Thought

Juan A. Mercado

Intention and the Construction of Society.
Carrying Forward Anscombe’s Rediscovery of Moral Intentionality

Cyrille Michon

Absolute Prohibitions

Giacomo Samek Lodovici

The Insufficiency of Social Collaboration’s Rule and the Need for Virtues. Starting from Anscombe

Michael Slote

Elizabeth Anscombe Is More Important than We Have Realized

Jacob Sparks

Anscombe’s Relative Bruteness

Luca Surian – Francesco Margoni

The Moral Judgment of Accidental Harm:
The Role of Agent’s Negligence and Side Effects Foreseeability




Giuseppe Colonna

The Category of “Quando” in the Liber Sex Principiorum

Paolo Di Sia

On Philosophy of Mind, Quantum Physics and Metaphysics of the Uni-multiverse