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Claudia Blöser
Hope and Duty Regarding the Highest Good:

A Unifying Interpretation of Kant’s Account of Hope in the First and Second Critiques.

Pages 9-20.

Juan Manuel Burgos

Why do the good? Empowering Hope in Europe.

Pages 21-31.
Joseph M. Forte

Hope in Plato’s Myth of Er.

Pages 33-37.

Michał Gierycz

On the Political Language as a Tool of the Cultural Change.

Case of European Union’s Morality Policy.

Pages 59-73.

Nieves Gómez Álvarez

The Projective, Futuristic and “Ilusonada” Installation of Person

as the Foundation of Hope.

Pages 75-86.

Ziran Guo

The Theological Virtue of Hope in Patristical Perspective.

Example of Exegesis in Saint John Chrysostom.

Pages 87-91.

Emanuele Lacca

What to hope for human dignity?

Crisis and Restoration of Man in Francisco de Vitoria.

Pages 93-101.

Ryszard Antoni Legutko

How Dangerous Is Hope in Politics.

Pages 103-108.

Margarita Mauri Álvarez
The Passion of Hope.

Pages 109-116.

Piotr Mazurkiewicz
Does Politics Bring Any Hope at All?

Pages 117-134.

Alice Ramos

What We Can Learn from the Hope of Martyrs.

Pages 135-148.

Joseph P. Rice
Not Merely as a Means, Nor Merely as an End:

 Wojtyła’s Reformulation of the Categorical Imperative and the Human Aperture to Hope.

Pages 149-177.

Josef M. Seifert

Is Hope Morally Good?

Pages 179-193.
Manfred Spieker
Witness of hope?

The Social Teaching of the Church Between Guarantees and Limitations of Liberty.

Pages 195-200.

Mariusz Sulkowski

Europe in the Heat of Crisis. About an Illness that is Ravaging Europe.

Pages 201-209.

Bogdan Szlachta

Problems of Cultural Rights

(Hope for Groups as “Moral Beings”?).

Pages 211-219.

Daniela Verducci

 “Dum Spiro, Spero”– “While I Breathe, I Hope”

Life at the Roots of Hope in the Phenomenology of Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka.

Pages 221-231.