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by Marina Astrologo Ferrario.

Page 9.


by Edoardo Ferrario.

Pages 11-12.

Rodolphe Gasché

Is “Europe” an Idea in the Kantian Sense?

Pages 13-36.

James Mensch

The Living Temporality of European Identity.

Pages 27-34.

Renato Cristin

Europe Today: the Reappropriation of Identity.

Pages 35-44.

Ivan Chvatík

Jan Patočka: Christian or Platonist?

Pages 45-49.

Francesco Tava

The Complexity of Post-Europe. Edgar Morin and Jan Patočka.

Pages 51-59.

Ľubica Učník

Patočka’s Discussion with Dostoevsky: Modern Science and Religion.

Pages 61-69.

Giuseppe Menditto

Jan Patočka between “Political Myth” and “Mythical Politics”.

Pages 71-88.

Carl Cederberg

Jan Patočka and the Task for Post-European Philosophers.

Pages 89-98.

Matteo Sarlo

The Mediterrenean as Philosopher.

Pages 99-110.

Martina Mincinesi

The “I”, the “Other” and “Collectivity”: Paradigm of the “Person” in Simone Weil.

Pages 111-122.

Nicole Paglia

The Other Side of The Mediterranean.

Pages 123-136.

Riccardo Paparusso

Unsubstantializing the Person. Mounier, Ricouer, Patocka.

Pages 137-146.

Marco Pavanini

Anthropotechnical collectives.
Sloterdijk’s and Descola’s Insights as an Interpretive Tool in Order to Understand Cultural Specificity.

Pages 147-157.