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Damiano Bondi

God Hunting.
A Pascalian Reflection on Desire, Diversion and Conversion.

Pages 7-22.

James Cargile

God and Goodness.

Pages 23-41.

Paul Clavier

Dmitri Karamazov’s Challenge:
“If there is no God, Everything is permitted”.

Pages 43-64.

Guido Cusinato

Hunger for Being Born Completely. Plasticity and Desire.

Pages 65-77.

Paola Premoli De Marchi

Good, Person and Values.
The Contribution of Aurel Kolnai to Phenomenological Ethics.

Pages 79-94.

Richard Glauser

Desire, the Will and the Good in Locke.

Pages 95-108.

Ide Lévi

Is an Internalist Theory of the Good Compatible with Classical Theism?

Pages 109-124.

Silvio Morigi

The Triangle and the Straight Line.

Desire in the First René Girard.

Pages 125-142.

Carles Jose i Mestre

The Aristotelian Moral Typology.
A Contribution Regarding the Bad Side.

Pages 143-157.

Alessio Ruggiero

Goodness, Person and Feeling in the Social Ontology of Max Scheler.

Pages 159-171.

Sergio Sorrentino

Will and Desire as Faculties and Powers of Intelligent Living.

Pages 173-182.

Claudio Tarditi

Beyond Mimetic Desire.
René Girard’s Account of Free Will, from Sartre to Augustine.

Pages 183-193.